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Phoenix is the next to be converted, with some assistance from papillonshive of course

Welp looks like I’m gonna do this AU for a bit wee

We have the best cookies in all of Equestria.
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I was about too cry because I couldn’t find one T_T (Turns out it was in ‘documents’)


1: @asknoxthepony

2: ask-keystar (pretty draconequuuussss yay)

3: papillonshive

Still waiting on last person to send me their request, as they requested extra time to mull it over. It will be posted to mod blog when complete

(Papi looks fantastic!  Between the background and the expression it is just wonderful.  Thank you so much!)

Please, I just want peace.

Chubby wubby pony waifu indeed.

(Time to go back to Papi.  I suppose this qualifies as fanart of askchubbydiamond.  If you haven’t seen them around, I’m concerned for you.)

She always was cute when she was dreaming.

(Diamond has been fully converted, but she could still use love for something special coming up.)

I don’t regret my choice.  Not in the least.  Silver’s always been the closest thing to family for me, and now my Queen and I really are family.

Change Log:  The transition is nearly complete at this stage.  The mane and tail are now more analogous to membranes than hair, and the mane has receded almost completely from the head, giving the convert a sense of baldness.  It is at this stage that the wings bud and begin to unfurl.  The first set of wings grows hard and join together, and will soon lie along the length of the back as a protective shell, while the second set will mature and be able to sustain flight.

Tharper teeth, longer tongue.  Noted.

Change log:  After the coat has completely fallen out and the hide has become a proper carapace, the midsection becomes segmented and partially elastic, taking on the current coloration of the Queen who initiated the conversion.  The musculature and endoskeleton is in the process of altering, leaving the legs largely numb and unable to be used.  The darker spots indicate the place of a future hole, and will flake away after the stage is completed.

The skull begins its metamorphosis at this point, taking on a small squarish snout, and causing the formation or alteration of the horn as well as the development of fangs.  At this stage the ears will also change, becoming more angular as their opening changes position.  The mane and tail grow darker and more membranous as well.  The eyes change throughout this stage, clouding over as they become the segmented eyes of a drone changeling.

(Diamond is roughly halfway through her conversion, and there are still several stages to go through before it is finished.  After a brief period with Diamond drone we will be returning attention to Canterlot.)

Also I’m starving.  I’ve had a dozen apples today, thanks to Staticthor, but I’m still really hungry.  It’s not as bad when Sil-My Queen is around.

(I will try to get a quick post or two done each day chronicling Diamond Tiara’s transition into a changeling drone.  Feel free to send her love, or food, or ask how certain changes are coming along.  It would be much appreciated.)

Di: I feel…tingly…..and good…..and hungry………
(Final vote was 29-9 in favor of conversion.)


“I no longer knew what was real and what wasn’t. The lines between reality and delusion had become so blurred.” 

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My but Buzz Buzz has a lot of friends in his pony form.  How wonderful!
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